Welcome at my site PA3GUF

Hello en welcome.

My name is Gert Stam.

My hobbies are: building of mechanic apparatus en electronics and I also like to play my guitar.

For a long time I am interested in electronics. I made several different radios and transceivers.

Because it would be nice to send, I decided to get my license.

In November 1994 I took with

Success the Morse-code-exam with my

first handmade key the “Admiralty key”.


In march 1995 I have obtained my C-license.

These were then still converted into a

A-license if you have Morse-code license and C–license

PA3GUF is my call (international identification) and the name of my internet site.

I am allowed to send on all amateur frequencies .

I made several keys, bugs and keyers but I also bought different keys and bugs. In the meantime my collection has grown to ± 50 keys. Photo’s of my handmade keys can be seen on the site.


I am building a replica of a mechanical Enigma machine. An Enigma machine was a cipher machine used to encrypt and decrypt secret messages. The Enigma machine became most famous by Nazi Germany before and during World War II.

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Who is PA3GUF?