Replica of an Enigma 2

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Tekstvak: Taking measurements before assembling the case
Tekstvak: Customising the metal sheets underneath the keys
Tekstvak: The lamppanel in place, the hardware is already finished
Tekstvak: Now the tough job, wiring, 364 joints to solder
Tekstvak: Lots of copper wire
Tekstvak: Wiring the coding wheels and the reflector, a hard job, 260 joints to make.
Tekstvak:   Wiring the last rotor
Tekstvak: Connecting the various contacts
Tekstvak: Just soldering the contacts, still 78 joints to go
Tekstvak: The assembled Enigma machine, the coding wheels can be seen
Tekstvak: Without coding wheels
Tekstvak: The letter N on the keyboard, is coded to the letter T (see the light)
Tekstvak: The aluminium is “weathered” in order to achieve the “old look”
Tekstvak: The M4 machine is finished. It was a hell of a job, but the result was worthwile. Testing was exciting; were the 364 joints wired in the good order, would the lamppanel work and would the (de)coding work as expected?

For testing I used both the Internet Enigma simulator as the Enigma-E replica. Both coding as decoding worked fine from the first time on.

Meanwhile, I started the building of a three rotor Enigma.